hondata ????


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My car is a 97 ex coupe, I am going to be running hondata on my ctr. I know that you cannot run hondata on obd2. I will be using rc 440 injectors. Can I use my pct ecu or do I need to get an obd1 ecu and use a harness jumper? As you can see I am a little confused, so my basic question is what do I need to do to use hondata on an obd2 car.


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hondata doesn't have a system for the PCT ECU. you'll have to use an OBDI ECU like a P28, P30, P61 from a 93 gsr, or a P72 from a 94/95 gsr. there are some other ones you can use too.
p28 is all you need. To save time and hassel, I'd just buy their obd2-plugged p28. that way you don't have to get a conversion harness either.


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I want to run hondata with my set up too, but I have a p72 obdII and a p73 obd2 modified to 9200 and I dont want to buy the p28. I will run p73 for now and see what i get out of 1/4. thanks for the info