Hood Pins... tips?

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Golden EG
I finally got around to puttin on my carbon fiber hood.. i had to drill new holes because the hood i bought used came with holes in it.. now i got the pins secured on the chassis. but they come with little plates to attach to the hood as a sort of "protection" the plates have 4 holes about 1/8" thick predrilled... what should i use to secure the plates on the hood itself?? this maybe a stupid question but i dont wanna mess the hood up..


New Member
i would say use a pop rivet gun but you might end up cracking the hood with that take and put the plates where you want the drill holes through the hood the same size and go get some small bolt from home depot ace hardware or any hardware store and bolt them down that way you won't have to worry about messing the hood up any


pop rivets will work i you get some that are long enough,if you gt them too short they will expand in the hood and crack it