Hooking Up Vtec

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I have just completed my Z6 swap into my CRX, and aparantly, the vtec solenoid is supposed to have some sort of oil pressure sensor with 2 wires on it. Mine doesn't. Is this 100% necessary for the VTEC to work? or can i just use the green/yellow wire sticking out of it?
The vtec oil pressure sensor is on the vtec solenoid. 1 black and 1 blue wire. Its on the back left side of the head. Do you have a solenoid at all? Did you hook up any vtec yet?
the vtec theory relies on oil pressure to engage the third cam lobe, it's pretty essential to the function of Vtec, with no increased oil pressure there is no vtec....

Ok guys, sorry. maybe I wasn't specific enough. I have a 4G ecu (PM6) that I'm using. If i need to hook up this oil pressure switch, where do I hook it up to? what ECU pin locations? I can't find it anywhere. That link you sent me was for a different ECU. But what i'm saying is, I now have the VTEC hooked up, but the oil pressure switch isn't. The VTEC changes the sound of the motor when it kicks in, but it doesn't seem to be doing much. My question is, Do I really need to hook the oil pressure switch up? and where do I hook it up to when I hook it up?
yes you do to make vtec engage properly...i did mine like that without the oil pressure switch in and it ran to 8000 rmp but sounded funny after 6500 .....and it doesnt feel any different, then i connected the oil pressure and it change sound at 4500 for i have a gsr ecu...if you have a different one it should really boost first gear...