horrible news

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My friend Jon and I had been friends since 7th grade. I'm a sophomore in college now. We went to the same school through freshman year, and then changed schools. We always stayed in touch for the next couple years, and we would always rollerblade together along with the rest of the guys. He and my friend Eric were Best friends since childhood. They lived across the street from eachother, did everything together.

He killed himself last Wednesday.

His girlfriend Sabrina and him were fighting. He said "I'm gonna kill my self"...she said "no you're not" and hung up...the end. Supposedly the last texts sent between them she called him a f****** something or other and hopes he dies. He called his friend Justin and told him what he was going to do. Justin didn't believe him either. He was really pissed last wednesday night. Took off. Came back home. Hung himself in his shed. Dogs were barking. Mom found him. Didn't even find out till Thursday morning. Eric was devasted because him and Jon lost touch over the past couple years. Jon just changed too much. Justin found out Thursday when the cops were taking his body out of the shed. I just wish I could be home so that I didn't have to find out alone. I leave Sweden in 10 days. It would have been nice to not have to go through it alone. Obviously, his problems were much deeper than his fight with Sabrina, but did no one see any warning signs?

What makes me wonder is, why don't people do anything? I mean, many people say that they will kill themselves to get attention. Wouldn't it be worth it if people just took a few minutes to listen? So next time someone needs someone to listen to them, do them a favor. Don't say anything, just let them talk. If someone calls you to tell you they are going to end their life, you better damn well be the one to be there for them. They may need you more than you could possibly know. Remember that your words will influence others more than you know. Sure, we are all assholes at times. But would you want to feel responsible for someone taking away their single most precious possession, their own life?
Shitty story, and good points made, sorry for your loss.
One time i said i was going to kill myself, and i meant it, but then someone listened, and i guess that's all i was looking for, was someone to actually understand what the fuck i was trying to say.
Looking back, i am glad i didn't do it, but at those times, your brain does crazy shit.
Wow, this is unreal.

Was the guy from New Jersey or did he currently live here?

Thats the exact same story of what happened to my neighbor, his name and everything, but I'm not sure what his girlfriends name was...I know she was a long time girlfriend and shouted the same things that you said.
No, this is in Thornton, Colorado. Weird about the New Jersey thing. From what I was told, there was a shitload of people there. The thing that I wonder most, is how can someone think they are so unloved that they should just end their life? And since his friend was the one he chose to share his troubles with, why the fuck wouldn't he just listen? His girlfriend was always a fucking cunt. Treated him like shit all the time.
It's not always about 'not feeling loved', it's more so, who you're not feeling love from, ive been there, my ex was a cunt too.
Fuck bitches, play with girls, and respect women. :blink: