hot brakes=lockup???

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My rear brakes drag really bad after a few minutes of spirited driving. They were smoking pretty bad on both sides, so I don't know what's up. I just did a rear disc conversion from an ex. I have a new master cylinder, 40/40 prop valve, new raybestos PG pads, new discs, ss lines. Calipers were used, but I don't see why both would drag. THere are no air bubbles in my lines either. It has never happened while driving regularly so I know it's because they got hot. Please help!!!!!

Oh yeah, would cheap ass autozone discs cause this to happen? They were like 8 bucks a pop. I have brembo blanks here ready to go if those autozone ones are at fault.

post edited for crappy description... Please help me so i don't have to get a new car with payments!!!
It pisses me off, because I "upgraded" this month and then shit like this goes wrong.

The brakes let off once they cooled down, but I know it will happen again if I drive like this again, so it's a problem that must be taken care of.
When i go down the track 2 times or more, my brakes lockup easily, from the heat.
Once while i was doing some 'spirited' driving on the way home from Cali i parked my car into a rest area sidewalk because they decided to just not work so good.
A lot of times, the problem you are describing is caused by dried up boots, there are two of them. They let the caliper slide back and forth. They are what holds the caliper to the bracket. Pull the caliper off, and try to slide the pins back and forth...

Here's a pic of what i'm talking about...

I have a "no shit" suggestion... check the e-brake cable.. make sure there is plenty of slack in it and it isn't hanging up anywhere on the suspension... Could be that when you are cornering, its snagging and braking for you...

Also, I assume you flushed/changed your brake fluid?? Dot 4 non synthetic is where its at...

Another "no shit" comment.. Brand new brakes and rotors will get hot and smoke for a little bit after they are first installed.. It takes a day or two to wear them in.

Hope that helps.
Well, I have been on the new brakes for over two weeks, and my ebrake cable is fine. When it was hot the ebrake would do nothing to release the brakes. I could pull it up without much effort because the calipers were already grabbing. And I was parked already. I went through a bottle and a half of fluid when I changed it out. I picked up some pin lubrcant to see if maybe I was having a shortage. I will post my latest findings later when I apply it and drive hard. Thanks.

Anymore suggestions are welcome.
well, the lube worked. After lubing everything up, I took it for some fun runs, and let me tell ya, that shit was fun.

It's hard to lock up the brakes.

Thanks for the help guys!! :thumbsup: