How Big On Injectors?

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Junior Member
hey.. does anyone know how big of a fuel pump and injector size that i should get?

i have a 90 integra, running crower 404 cams, and a 65 shot of nitrous. i am running
lean naturally, and looking to upgrading my fuel system. currently, the only thing that
i have is a fuel pressure regulator. it would be nice to get
something a little bigger, since i am looking to upgrade to a turbo soon.

anyone else have any ideas on fuel upgrading?


Junior Member
what fpr are you using , and how soon do you plan on going to turbo?

because , as your car is right now your fuel system is fine, at least until more mods take place. hth....

but when you decide to boost you will need to consider how much psi you plan to run and that will give you an idea of what size injectors to use.

rc310's are popular and walbro fuel pumps are too.


id go with 440's. you can tune them down for now, and you will run a moderat boost turbo no problem on those