How can I give my b16y7 Vtec


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you can use most of the stuff from the y8 (96-98 or 99-00 ex civic depending on your obd2 version). What year is your car?


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Idk much about cars but Honda are very fun and reliable I’m still beginner doing research, watching YouTube before I begin buying parts It would be a fun project, i want to learn more about engines, someone told me if I put give it vtec could maybe give me 200hp not sure about that but it would b sick. it’s also got a d16y8 trans


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A d16y7 has 106hp / 103tq
A d16y8 has 127hp / 107tq

If everything is in good condition, using good parts, and good assembly work, putting a y8 head on a y7 block (with all of the accompanying equipment) is generally going to get you in the ballpark of a stock y8.

Short of turboing it you are not going to pull 200hp out of it.

I guess this is the part where the standard qualifying questions need to be asked

What do you want to use this car for
What are your goals
What is your budget
What is your technical ability
What country/state are you in


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Just wanna use it for a daily drive
My goal is too make a little more power just to make it a little fun
Budget 2000
Not much just borrow some tools then and their
canada alberta