How Can U Tell If Your Ecu Is Good?

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how can you tell if your ecu is fried? i just recently swapped a b16a2 into my 98 civic hatch and everytime i try to start the car the engine check light does NOT turn on nor the oil check light. The starter clicks but the engine doesnt rotate.
Borrow an ecu from a friend. DO a compression test on the engine, check the timing (ignition and the timing belt), check all connections, check for spark, etc.
If all you are getting is a "clicking" sound, and you are sure it is coming from the starter, not the relay, i am almost 100% positive your starter solenoid is bad. Go buy a new starter for $80. Because if your starter is clicking, but not turning over the motor, then your ECU is fine. Because it is signaling the starter to turn. You can test this by simply pulling off the starter, (keep it hooked up to the wires) have a friend turn the key to start from inside the car, and if the starter motor is turning, then the starter is fine.
Better yet.... if your lights arn't even coming on (which i failed to read in your post because i thought you said they WERE coming on) then check the ground on the thermostat housing. there should be a ground somewhere on your wiring harness. Check to make sure they are all grounded. I made that mistake on my swap, and no lights came on, and the main relay in the car was just "clicking". If your fuel pump doesn't come on either, it would most likely be that. Just a thought.