How Come I Have No Rpm S

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when i did a port and polish job on my intake manifold and put it back on i went into my and reved it up helping circulate the coolant through all the sensors. I heard a click and i lost my rpm gauge and all lights like blinker lights, check engine because it was on after my swap, only light i have is battery light when i turn my battery on not to mention i do have dashboard lights. when i turn my lights on. what is wrong here ? ?
sounds like a short somewhere or you just blew a fuse, When you say you dont have rpms you mean your tach does not work or your car will just no longer rev past umm...3k?
when i meen i have no rpms, i have no rpms, no speedometer, blinkers,only have dashboard lights and battery light. ill check for a short maybe i hit something when i installed new clutch cable under dash, but all fuses are car goes to high rpms, but sputters like she doesnt wanna go and then it feels like i hit vtec and the car shoots off. then it will sputter again and repeat.
i currently have my si map sensor installed along w/ a believe a old si fuel filter. should i put ls in each along w/ an after market fuel pump. its like its not getting what it needs
like the man said u should check all the fusess
under the dash and the power distrubution center under the hood.
It could, just replace that fuse, they are like a dollar. If it is just your gauge cluster, take the cluster out and see if something got disconnected.
The mere mention that you had 2 blown fuses AND you heard popping sound when you first turned on the car clearly tells us that you have some sort of a ground problem. Check all your wires both behind your fuse boxes, and in the engine bay to make sure you didn't have a power wire fall out somewhere and get grounded on the body. That could blow certain fuses, and stop the correct voltage from getting to your sensors, dash, and ECU.

Oh, and make sure you disconnect both the positive and negative terminals to your battery when doing this work. That way you are a lot less likely to accidently spark the battery to something and blow more shit up.

there is such thing as a fusible link... it blows a fuse when you disconnect a certain wire. if the fuses that blew were on a fusible link, then it does not necessarily mean that there is a ground or short circuit problem.
whats up i fixed and thank you guys for your help. it ended up being a short and that turn signal fuse. everything wrks great except for a damn vaccum leak making my car idle funky. thanks again