how do i make the hop stop???

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hybrid theory

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ok for starters this is what i have..... 99 civic dx h/b with a 99 jdm b16 with lsd tranny.... so, this is the question. i have really bad wheel hop on the street and especially at the track. from the burn out its really bad, seems like the dash is about to fall in your lap and all body parts are gonna fall off. in between gears 1-3 its the same way. now some friends had told me that it could be that im running on stock shocks so i went and bought brand new koni adjustables but the problem is still there just as before. i use to own 93 hatch with the same set up minus shocks and had no problems what so ever so im thinking it might be something wrong in my suspension i.e. alignment or possibly the camber. what should i fix or have checked out that would cause wheel hop cuz like i said before ive never had this problem and had never had to deal with it. i would buy traction bars if i had to but i wanna make sure its not a problem in my suspension
see thats the thing ive heard about them and wouldnt hestitate to buy z10 i just wanna make sure it nothing in my suspension
Originally posted by hybrid theory@Dec 27 2002, 07:17 PM
see thats the thing ive heard about them and wouldnt hestitate to buy z10 i just wanna make sure it nothing in my suspension

Worn out shocks and dead bushings will still cause you to hop some if you get the Z10s... well maybe that's just me.


Seriously though- my wheel hop went away until recently, and that's mostly because my shocks are pretty much dead now.
about $60 will help take care of that problem. go and purchase some Prothane/Energy Suspension motor mount inserts. the wheel hop is not nearly as bad at the track OR on the street.
Engine mount inserts don't help too much to control wheel hop- they take out most of the slop when your engine/transmission torques around on acceleration, but not wheel hop. Wheel hop in Civics is caused by the lower control arms flexing forward and backward, and that's why the radius arms help so much.
he didnt mean to say motor mount inserts...i think he ment get the hole energy suspension PROthane bushing kit ( about 112-170 bucks) comes with all bushings you need. says its guarenteed to stop 85% wheel hop
thanx for all the input... i understand the whole bushing deal and i was thinking of buying them as well but im just left scratching my head because i would think my 93 with stock blown shocks and 130k miles on the suspension would have wheelhop instead of my 99 with only 45k on the suspension with koni adjustables
Ok, but he said it anyway... and I responded in kind. I'm not a mind reader.


A full poly suspension bushing kit WILL help a LOT to kill wheel hop, but it still won't prevent your suspension arms from flexing... and they do cost a bit more than $60, and installation is a pain. I'm pretty sure he meant to say "motor mount inserts" because of the price.
so.....z10 radius arms with the complete bushing kit = no wheelhop.... looks like thats what im gonna do then if it still persist after that oh well ill sell the damn car... grrrrRRr :angry: :angry:
Yup. Lookin' at the JIC setup- same one you're getting... but maybe even cheaper than your price.

:D :D :D :P :lol: :lol: :lol:
Poly inserts help a ton, but when mine all but disappeared was when I installed my centerforce clutch and ultralight flywheel. It snaps the gears so fast that the main shaft in the tranny doesn't have as mush of a chance to drop off rpm's between shifts and shock the driveline. For example several pro racers solved their axle snapping problems with the new tilton carbon multi disk clutches :blink:
good lord those traction bars are a grip of cash... i had no idea they were so much??? hmmmm aren't the front cross memberrace suspension from the same as the z10... it says it stops front end travel... and i thought that was the same as wheel hop off a launch???

im wrong arent i? lol :lol: ... someone clarify the differences on the two
shit nevermind... i just looked at the z10 page more carefully and went all the way down the page... and they are the same... only reason i had posted my questions is cause i saw the price of 600 bucks... then below that it says a cheaper price .... sorry =/