How Do I Remove Power Steering

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I have a 94 si and i wanna completely remove ps. how do i do it?


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you can just remove the pump and steer with out it, you get better ratio for steering, but more difficult to turn than a car that came w/out power steering


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I believe i already posted this for someone else a few weeks ago:

Take driver's side seat out ( so you can be comfortable while laying underneath the dashboard)

Remove plastic case around the bottom of the steering column (while you are inside the car)

unbolt the elbow that holds the steering column to the actual rack/pinion unit. (make sure you make a mental note of where the bolts were sitting before you take them you save yourself a headache when trying to put it back on)

Next you need to get under the car ( if you have a lift it will make your life a loteasier)

You need to unhook the cat where it hoooks with the header and pull the whole exhaust system back a minimum of 3 inches.

Next unhook the shift linkages...on the 5g civic there was a rivet holding one of the two shift linkage pieces...which i had to grind off and weld back later...on the other linkage piece there was a regular bolt (its probably something on the D series engines to save money).

After you remove the shift linkages and the catalytic system you have to unhook the steering system from the wheels. On the rod that connects to teh driver's side wheel there should be something that will unscrew and let the rod split into two. you need to unscrew that so that you can maneuver the actualy steering unit out of the engine bay.

after you've done all that you just need to remove the 4 bolts that holds the steering unit to the frame.

That is pretty much all it takes to remove the steering unit, but you MUST have a buddy to help you to put the steering unit back in. The only thing I would stress is...when your head is in the same place your feet normally sit (under the dash) to pay special attention to how those bolts are positioned on that elbow that holds the steering column to the steering unit...if i had to do it again i would go so far as to use a crayon on it so i could tell which side is up and down and how it was positioned before i took it off.

hehe sorry if none of this makes any sense

after you've removed all that, just remember to remove the power steering pump (which is on the engine) and all the piping/fluid containers of the p/s system so you can lose some weight on your car.


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so your taking off a luxory???? do you REALLY need to get rid of it? well hers what you need to do. you just need to take off the pump,all the lines that connected to it,and i think thats all ...hehe my car never came with PS so i dont have to deal with it. ;)


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ya, sounds to me like he wants to remove the power from his power steering, not the whole unit.