How do u stoped the speedenometer?

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Anyone knows how to stop their speedenometer from rotating? I did it on my 96' civic cx. The main wire has three small wires, two wires on both sides and one in the middle, I unpluged the main wire which have these three wires and the speedenometer stoped, the gas speedenometer works fine and so does the after market RPM. But there is one problem with unpluged this main wire. The engine check sign is on, due to unpluged this main wire. I know for sure that one of the three small wires is the right one for stop the speedenometer for rotatings, however, the other two wires, I am not sure what they are for, and I am worry that keep driving my car with the engine check sign on might cause me problems(according to the manual). I know, the engine sign is on, must be cause by one of the other two wire being unpluged. SO, ANYONE OF YOU OUTHERE HAD DONE IT B/4, KNOWS WHICH WIRE IS FOR THE SPEEDENOMETER, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, YOUR KNOWDEGE IS WELL APPRECIATED. THANKS...
Doesn't your odometer run off the speedo? If so then disconnecting it would be illegal.
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i just wanted to use it once. lol

maybe hes tryin to unplug the odometer and keep the speedometer??even though he didnt say that. because i dont know why someone would want to unplug their speedometer.
I want to disconect it so the mileage would stay at its current mileage which is 70k. I just dont like the idea of having a high mileage, although, having it disconected, the idea that my car's mileag is not 70k is inside my head, but my car just look nicer if the mileage is low. The mileage of the motor is not a problem , as a matter of fact, iam going to do a swap soon, but it matters if i have a low mileage motor and a high body, which the speedenometer is high, this looks unpresent for a low mileage motor with a high body. I know its ilegal, but this is easily pluge and unpluged, I just dont know which one is the right one out of the three wires as i stated in my early post. So, if you know,just let me know, or should you let a poor fellow go buy a repair manual. thanks..
i am pretty sure i read somewhere that some engine functions rely on the speedometer to function properly, so i wouldn't disconnect it.
If you don't like the idea of having high mileage get a car with 0 miles on it. What you want is illegal.
just wanted to add a reply... then will re-lock.

#1- it is illegal, and we don't promote that here. thats why its locked.
#2- fucking with it may fuck with the VSS or vehical speed sensor, which in turn will A, throw codes, B, not allow VTEC to enguage

ok, re-locked.
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