How Fst Is H22 Into 93 Prelude (had H23)

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alright u prelude people
i m intimidated with my friends prelude
he had a h23 in his prelude / got tired of it after all the bolt ons (which didnt do anything)
just two week ago we swap it out for a h22 from japan
now his car pulls hard
infact it wont hold traction with his 215/40r17
in second gear/going to third when u shift around 8000 and land around 6500
im woundering what this will do on the track with slicks
anyone out there have this swap done???????
if so let me know how fast...
o i have a ls-vtec supercharge in a 93 hatch from driveing his prelude its almost as strong as mine


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Originally posted by tomtom@Jan 20 2003, 10:45 PM
im woundering what this will do on the track with slicks

The only way to tell is by taking it to the track. Obviously, it'll be quicker with slicks. Those are some big wheels, slicks will help it immensely.

I've got a JDM H22 swapped into my Accord, but my times won't matter to you, since I'm up around 6000 feet above sea level.


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my hatch oly weights 2100 lb
and i got 230 hp plus my supercharger pulls hard

how heavy is the prelude?
can be faster then 13s
i know i can run low 13s

so how fast is ur accord ?
i think i ill run him on the streets next week(out in the counrty side)