How hard is it to install Kaaz LSD unit

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I just bought a Kaaz LSD unit that will be going into my B18C GSR tranny. Money is not a problem for me since I have enough to cover what is need to be done, however, I dont try shops to do the job. I can take the head of a motor to replace the head gasket, I can swap motors, and changes axles but never disambled the tranny gears and its components, how hard is it to install a Kaaz lsd unit compares to the above jobs? I personally rather have a shop do it because I dont want to mess it up for a pricy part, but it a matter of trusting them to install the lsd unit(since under a new owner's management, my builder and his crew had been replaced with the new owner's own mechanics. I dont know this new guys, now they charge by the hour instead of a flat rate and no tax like the old owner). How do I know that they install the Kaaz lsd unit and not ripe me off my part and install a lesser valuve and performance lsd? If I would to attemp doing it myself, are they any special toolds required? I remember someone have a writeup on a step by step process of installing a kaaz lsd awhile back while searching by google for a kaaz lsd. I will pull that up if decide to DIM after evaluate your opinions.

I know I should referr to my old post, but i want to keep things together here. If you had read my other post about an oil leaking through the passenger side axle where the axle plug into the tranny, I think have an axle sealer problem as suggested by one of the member in here. where axactly is the location of the axle sealer? is it just behind where the axle plug into, on the hole? thanks for all of your supports and expertise (s/p)
dude i would take it to a good shop...or get some one to help you (that knows what to do) call the old owner) because you cant go back to yourself if something goes wrong and then youll probably spend more the 2nd time around.....

where do you live?
thats what I leaning toward, have a shop do it. but finding a trust worthy shop is hard. I live in MN, but will shop around for a good shop. thanks


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installing a diff is not necessarily HARD, but theres 21312331231 parts that have to go in the EXACT order. organization is key.
i personally have never done it, and nor will i-- because if you saw my garage and tool cart, you'd understand the lack of organization that is pissedoffgarage. :p

the bitch of it is, if you fuck up 1 thing, put it back in the car, its a HUGE process to pull it, open it, and re-assemble it again...
Did a diff swap once, just took all day.

As long as you take out the gear sets in order, you should have no problems. Just don't drop the damn thing or try to get individual gears out, then you gots your self into a real mess there.

Getting the bell housing back on is a bitch, thats what took all day.

Not sure how much a shop would charge for an install, but better if they can rebuild the tranny too if they spot a problem with the gears.

Good luck!
Noobvang, somehow I could almost feel like I knew you from somewhere. anyways, a shop I always go to will charge $400 with them pull and put the tranny back with installation of lsd. I decided to pull the tranny myself, and it should be cheaper than that. However, under new owner, they charge by $75/hr and dont know how much they will charge with these new owner and his new mechanics.
Well I drive a Green 96 civic 4dr with tinted windows and 15" Flat Black Rota Slips.
If you've seen or know my car then pretty sure you know me then.

$400 or $75/hr is kinda expensive. Did this swap a few years ago, helping my cousin who has a Green 94 GSR 4dr. What we did was swap his stock diff with a CTR diff. Everything went fine, just the assembly part took a while.

But if you do try to attempt this on your own, just hit me up, I'm more than willing to help out. Just more experience for us and more pride on our rides.

Just wondering which shop you are going to go to?
Your helms will be your best friend for a LSD. I am going to be doing the same thing.

You need bearing pullers, a bearing press. and indicator and stand. A Guillotine puller to get the bearings out of the carrier. Its a small cross section.

Most of the people I have talked to recommend replacing bearings and the speedo gear while you have it apart.

Go for it and then come over and help me......:)
Noob, thanks for the offered I will definately hit you up if I decide to attemp it myself and there will be beers provided for your hard work and some dry grass too if you preferred lol. run into problems while doing yourself is what I dont like, so i am comtemplate on wheather to have a shop don or attempt it myself. The shop I go to is RS motor on University ave. anyways, i will keep your offer in consideration. by the way, just kidding about the dry grass, I dont know if I am allow to say that in here. :D