How In The ____ Does This Work

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ok i have an ecu plug with a bunch of littel pins in it i need one so how in the ____ does the littel metal pin come out of there iv tried everything iv tried burning it beating it yelling at it poking at it hugging it coresing it and even sleeping with it i think my girlfirend is getting jealous please help me

thanx in advance
I dont understand what you are trying to accomplish...and something is wrong with your signature...Civic DX didnt have power steering, unless it was an automatic--which dosent have a flywheel. :blink:
on my 88 hatch, there are 2 black and 1 white. the black ones where a bitch! i found a needle, pretty heavy, and put it in the middle hole on the front of the plug ( not wire side ) at a slight angle and pushed. at the same time, pull the wire. you have to put the needle through and allmost to the back of the plug. i know what your going through. try this a few times, good luck
Originally posted by VTECcivicVTEC@Jan 13 2003, 09:15 PM
im sorry bro..... it was a 5 speed with power steering and A/C. i know, because i took them both out when we did the swap.

lol, well then you took out something wrong, I have a 94 DX auto, I have p/s, no flywheel. My friend has a 94 DX 5 speed, no p/s, flywheel.
My brothers 95 dx does not have ps.
5 speed no power stering now with a flywheel and thanks for all your help but i gave up being nice about 22 hours ago it got down right dirty ill be picking pieces of plug out of my carpet for weeks now. All im saying is that no power stering is a --------