How Long Would It Take?

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How long would it take 2 guys to swap from a d15b6 motor to a d16a6 motor.beacuse im hoping not long cuz i dont have garage to do it in and wanna get it over with!!!


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Have you ever swaped a motor?Do you have ALL the tools you need?Do you have ALL the fluids to fill it back up?Are you using a lift or a hoist?Do you have a manual to help trouble shoot anything that goes wrong?


Rookies - one weel, two months, one year, who knows.
Cadet - One week
Amateur - Three Days
Pro - 6 hours
O.G. - 3 hours.


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If you haul ass for like 8 hours straight, 2 competent ppl should be able to do it in one day, just like 92 b16 vx said, have all the tools and fluids and any other shit you might think you need before starting. Since you're not swapping in a twin cam, it's a pretty easy swap, albeit kinda of redundent. If I was taking out a single cam, I would sure as hell be putting a DOHC VTEC in it's place, but thats just me :thumbsup: