how many hondas?

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how many hondas have you owned and what were they? ive had the following:

- 1 1997 Honda Civic EX coupe full show car
- 1 1990 Honda Civic DX hatch with some stuff and a D16z6 swap
- 1 1990 Acura Integra GS


1990 Honda Civic Hatch - sold
1997 Honda Accord - wrecked & totalled (deer)
2004 Honda Civic Coupe - wrecked & totalled (lets just say self error....)

As you can see I havn't had good luck with Hondas so far, so i'm sticking with my duc.


In order of purchase:

95 Civic DX sedan (parting out)
88 Civic LX sedan (rebuilding)
89 CRX Si (parted out, crushed in junkyard)
03 S2000 (parting out, just kidding!)


88 crx si -restored for about $2000. And me nothing but problems. SOLD IT

88 crx hf with lsvtec motor. bottom end fully built. 11.8ish compression.
very good sleeper!
1984 civic dx hatch. given to my brother with 219k.still driven today
1993 civic ex 2dr. bought for 500 with 209k sold for 300 with 218k.still driven today
1999 civic si.i dont think i will ever let go of her
-90 integre sedan - still got it
-93 integra ls special - parts car
-91 integra ls - parts car
-93 integra GSR - purchased on 7-25-05 (cash)
-00 integra GSR - purchased on 8-1-05 (loan)

In that order. I got the gsr's when I moved to Arizona.
89 CRX si..full track car..TOO much money in that thing and still not done
92 CX hatch...almost finished for nice street setup...
04 Acura TSX Daily Driver

89 Cvic Si hatch SOLD wa s old DD..
91 crx dx -sold
93 civic hatch,z6turbo
95 accord ex
90 crx dx with b16 swap
94 civic dx 4dr used as work car -sold


- 2000 Civic Si - 68,900 miles pleh.

intake on it, i have a header and shifter sittin here, still waiting for my exhaust to show up.
i have had so many i cant remember

89 civic hb traded for sabb in like 1998
95 civic coupe ex sold
88 civic hb sold then stolen
89 crx with bad head gasket fixed then sold
90 crx traded in on
92 civic 4 door then 92 sold
92 hb slightly recked fixed up then i got t-boned
91 integra ls sold for school $
93 4 door bought after lady wrecked it twice fixed and sold
92 hb with no back window fixed swapped d16z6 then sold
94 accord swapped h23 then bought
94 civic hb then sold accord and traded civic for
91 crx with b16 swap then crx traded for
92 accord ex then sold
89 crx found in field fixed then sold then bought 93 civic hb,that i traded for
95 civic ex coupe and got back
89 crx then sold again traded 95 coupe for
97 crv gave to wife
99 si bought and sold with in 3 months then current ride
93 civic with 00 front and itr swap

sure that i am missing some


bought and sold hondas like they were going out of style
counting the familys 2 cars.

89 LX sold
95 DX sold
98 LX almost mine
86 XR80 sold
02 CBR mine


91 CRX DX - Fivespeed Swap+ZC

Girlfriends car - 93 Accord Special Edition


81 Civic CVCC
84 Accord
89 Accord
85 EDM CRX (dohc zc stock bishs)
86 CRX Si
90 EDM CRX 1.6 (dohc stoch again, you're bishs)
92 Civic VX
95 Civic CX