How Much Is 2 Much?

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Can a F22b1 with stock internal components handle a 75hp shot of nitrous??? I was planning on goin with the ZEX kit until I get money saved up for my H22 swap...... Anyways, what do you guys think???.... Can the rods take it??? Not to mention the valves, et ceter, et cetera............................


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why not just save the money and put it towards the h22.. or are you planning on spraying that too?

it could probably handle a 75 shot, its just a matter of how long you plan on spraying and how often before you get your swap.
i just wanted an extra kick before i get my motor and over here where i stay i feel i need something extra for these suckas who are just too damn slow and show off too damn much.... now, i can save my money for the h22 but i do plan on using the kit for the h22 as well --temporarily....

now dohcvtec accord, you said it'll be bad on the tranny...??? in what way, please fill me in...

by the way, thanks ya'll


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my cousin's friend has an accord, so does he but his friend has nitrous and the longest he held it is 15 seconds.


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I'm just saying that, the Accord is traditionally a family-oriented car, and the engine and tranny are built for that purpose. It's not a sports car.

A guy I met at the track last year was spraying in his F22B1 and blew it up. So he drops in an H22, and the damn fool was spraying again. I'm just saying be careful, the internals of the F22 aren't so great.
alright, that's what i needed to know.... thanks for the help

i guess if i'm gonna spray i'm gonna have to replace some internal stuff, but i won't do that because i'm waiting until my funds are sufficient for an H22
yo, dohcvtec accore, is your h22 JDM Spec...??? just curious.... anyhow, that shit looks fly though.... can't wait to get my h22 swapped in!!!!!


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Yep it's JDM. Take some pics when you're doing the swap. You're gonna love it when you get that bitch in there. Good luck.