How NOT to ride a hood.

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fuckin asshat

got what he deserved
i would have done the same fucking thing (although i would have tried to hit the fucker after)
Fuckin' queebs. That douchebag got what he deserved.

Had I been the driver, I would've floored it until I got to around 90, then slammed on the brakes.

Stupid cunt.
Can't see the vid.

But I had a friend who got put in the hospital by hoodsurfing. And he was surfing the roof of his friends car. So even if you know the guy and trust them, be careful.
THat guy was a complete MORON. I'm glad he got fucked up. Did you hear the other guy at the end? He said something like "Turn off your camera and worry about your friend." both of them are idiots. We need less of them in the gene pool