How To Boost A B18b

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What are some turbos for the b18b installed in a 92-95civic hatchback. How much boost can i run and how much do the turbos cost. Will i need to get and intercooler and can i run on stock setup. :worthy:
there are lots and lots of turbos for that engine. check the turbo section of this site for some. Many popular choices are mitsu turbos like the 20g and 16g, hybrids of them like the t03/t04e, and another is the the t60-1. These are just a few. You can find almost an unlimited amount. This is because the reason a turbo fits is because of the turbo manifold, not the engine itself. If you can find or have made a manifold that matches your block and the turbo you want, your in business.

for the b18b stock, your looking at pretty low boost levels - but still a considerable gain. The boost you can run all depends on what turbo you use. Bigger/smaller turbos act differently at different PSI levels due to CFMs, read up in the turbo section of this site for more on that.

A nice, brand new turbo will run you for about 500-600 dollars, but I don't know alot of people who pay that. Most will buy their turbos used from friends, or get them from a junkyard. But if you want a new one - thats what a nice one usually costs.

You can run on a stock setup with low boost, and finally, I would reccomend getting an intercooler. It allows you to run more boost in the future, and for now, it helps keep the heat levels down - which is always good

hope this helped
I looked in the turbo section and it helped but i was wondering how much a turbo kit would cost for the b18b motor. could i get one for 1000. Where can i find a turbo manifold for my car?

Thanks for the help.

PS- when you said i could get a turbo for 500-600 dollors did you mean just the turbo or everything you need to get it to work.
he only meant the for getting an entire kit for 1000 m not too sure you could find one that cheap what i would recommend is doinf a junkyard turbo setup thats what i am in the process of and almost done with its pretty simple too and as for intercooler....YES run it its cheap and WELL worth the money it will make your motor and turbo last much longer and i owuld recomend that you do some more research before you try to tackle this project if you need info on doing a junkyard turbo setup then you will wanna go to its the best and most widely used site , very helpful i know this from personal experience...hope i helped you out..later :D