how to change the clutch in a VW


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kinda funny. I think that it would be cool if someone did that with an engine swap. Might be harder to compact 24+ hours of work into 10 minutes.




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i like how he broke in the clutch.  :D

yeah I love how much time he gave for the breakin period.

thats what i basically did for the girl's 240sx. pulled it outta airjockie's garage, and drifted around the block. breaking in a stock clutch is overrated.

uhh.. ok. not with the experience i've had though. :eek: clutch's are very similar to brakes in that they both use an organic/asbestos based material for friction against metal. when you dont let it 'break-in' properly you're just asking for problems. i know 'cause i've replaced a few ... or so .....