How to check TPS sensor are good/faulty ?

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Hi sir ,
I am driving Honda Civic EG6 92-95 ECU P30-37820-000 B16A2 VTEC dohc manual tranny with LSD g/box.
Need help on how to check the TPS sensor are in good condition or faulty condition ? cause i had set the TPS reading to 0.5V fully close . and wto 4.5v . Play with the idle screw also the same even after unplug the AICV terminal .
the problems start like this ...
Everytime when during start up engine or even after wrm up engine the rpm increase to 1200rpm for some time then it whil slowly drop down to 500rpm , and when ON air-con some more worst drop to 200rpm and sowly go to 500rpm . but the rpm idling no fluctuating ( erratically ) . I had change the AICV ( EAICV ) to function ( good working one ) but still the same , no leaking found . But I had bypass the Fast dle Control Valve ( the valve fully close ) . Need help . Thank you .