how to Dynamat

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so i i dynamating my hatch and i am not really sure what a good technique for doing this is. do i just cover everything with dynamat or is there proper places that it should be put to work best. My hatch is the only thing that really rattles on the car and the rear windows a bit. And liscence plate. just looking for adviece on best way to use the dynamat.


just clean the area really good and stick it. make sure you roll it nice and tight. Also if your using the origional dyno. then i recommend heating the surfaces first,then heating it after applied. its not really hard
Like was said above, clean very well. Also, I hope you got the dynamat extreme. It works better and isn't as messy. All you do with the extreme is peel this layer off the back and slap it where ya want it. Pretty nifty. As far as where to dynamat, that depends on what you're after. Since I have read a lot of your posts it seems you are more concerned with speed than sound. So I would just dynamat where you notice it rattling. Dynamat makes a product specifically for license plate frames, or you could go the ghetto route and pull the bottom of the plate up and wedge a stick behind it. It does work... :p Now if this car was being made for DB drag or some other SPL contest you could dynamat multiple layers everywhere. I saw the Alpine Camaro at a show once and they claimed to have over 170 yards of dynamat in it. Anyway, good luck, I'm sure it'll turn out great. :D