How to Paint a Valve Cover


Supa Mod
alright.. i just got a spare valve cover off ebay and its getting sandblasted this afternoon.. not really sure on what color i should do.. no, i dont want wrinkle red... i was thinking of a gold color.. or an olive green or something.. .. what do you think?? i'll be doing the letters and the spark plug cover black

here is a pic of it now..

i will post pics of the progress

ok, here it is after being sandblasted

got the spark plug holes taped up so no paint hits them and i got the letters sprayed black

all the essential equipment necessary to complete the task.. yes, including the Corona

got the letters taped off... i got lazy so i only did the DOHC VTEC.. the Honda Motor Co. would have taken forever

put on my coat of low gloss black

got her all sprayed up.. waiting for it to dry

sun does wonders when drying paint

and here is the finished product

*UPDATE* 4/9/07

got the letters back to black, not sure if its staying though..

and here is one of it with the spark plug cover painted black also..


The Riced Sleeper
Here you go Pissedoff

I Went from this

To this

All made possible by EG6 letting me borrow his vc so I could put it on me engine while I painted this one

I originally started with black lettering but didn't like the way it looked on the blue so this is what I came out with