How To Prepare A Gsr For Boost..?

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Civic EJ1 SiR

Junior Member
after debating over 3 motors i have chosen a GSR for my 93 ex choices were the JDM B16A SiR - 2, the GSR, or the LS...i eventually plan on boosting the motor...but that is not going to happen for about another year after i swap my motor so for that year i wanted to have as much power as possible during that question is what will the GSR need to run about 10psi..? in terms of block, head, axles..and so on...
building a year ahead of time to "make N/A power now" is stupid.

you will waste all you rmoney.

drop it in, leave it stock. save for turbo parts. trust me.
listen to him, he knows

as far as pushing 10 psi it all depends what you can put in.... you could do it all stock with just some injectors and 112 octane, lol, but if you wanna keep shit safe do your pistons first... atleast some 9.0:1's, eagle rods, arp bolts, block sleeving (if funds include) that wil make everything mechanically pretty sound, then next you gotta tackle fuel, driveline, engine management