How To: Remove/Install Seats in a 92'-95' Civic

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I had to do this for some credit in school, so I figured I might as well post it here. I know that when I was going to do my seat swap, I wanted a write-up to look at, even if it was a really simple swap to make. So hopefully this helps someone.


How to Remove the Front Seats in a Honda Civic (EG / 92-95) and Replace Them with Seats from an Acura Integra ( DC2 / 94-97)

Tools Needed

14mm Socket (although a 14mm wrench will work)
Ratchet wrench that the socket will fit on
Flathead screwdriver
crescent wrench
2 1.5 inch bolts with the same threads and diameter as the bolt holding your seats down.
Some washers that will fit your new bolts.
  • Slide the driver’s seat all the way forward.
  • Remove the plastic caps covering both the bolts that hold the seat down. You will probably need to use a screwdriver to get them off. Try to avoid breaking them, that way you can reuse them.
  • Remove the two bolts, and save them for your replacement seats.
  • Slide the driver’s seat all the way back.
  • Remove the two bolts that are holding the front of the seat down. Save those as well.
  • Lean the whole seat back, on the bottom there is a connector that will prevent the seat from coming out. Use the pliers to disconnect this seatbelt sensor.
  • Now you can pull the seat out of the car
  • Repeat the steps above for removing the passenger’s seat. There will not be a seat belt sensor on it, so you may just skip that step.
  • Before you go to put your newer Integra seats in, make sure that you have already done any cleaning on them before you install them. Also make sure that the area under where your old seats were is clean.
  • You will need a new bolt for the right rear seat mount on the driver’s seat and one for the left rear mount on the passenger’s seat. I’d recommend going to Schuck’s or an automotive store equivalent to it. I used an 1.5 inch bolt. Be sure that the diameter of the bolt and the threads match the bolt from your car.
  • I’d recommend getting some washers for the bolt, the head on the new one you got more than likely isn’t big enough (unless of course you have some around the house that will fit the bolt, I had some at home that worked)
  • Fit your new driver’s seat into where your old driver’s seat had been and reconnect the seatbelt sensor to your new seat.
  • Hand tighten the bolts into all four mounts. Then use the socket to tighten them all down (if the new bolts you got aren’t 14mm, use a crescent wrench or a socket that will fit it.) I’m not sure on the torque specifications, but all I did was tighten them down good.
  • Repeat steps 12 and 13 for the passenger’s seat. There will not be a seatbelt sensor to connect, so skip that part.


well, at least you are putting in your own work on your car. seats today, swaps and turbos tomorrow. :thumbsup:

Yep. One of these days I'll do a write-up on the rear seats, that was a little more complicated because it required bending of the mounts on the bottom portion of the seat.

Once I get my suspension stuff I will probably try and do a nice write-up on that, because I know someone like me will come along and look for one. I've been wanting a nice detailed one for awhile, so I figure I might as well just make one myself.