How to rewire cooling fan for 93 integra?

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I have a obd1 integra with a b20vtec. Everything works good but I removed the ac and and now I have to run the fan on a switch. I replaced the ect radiator fan checked the fuses but it doesn't seem to work. I have it hooked to a switch but that is a pain in the but. I have a feeling that it is a problem with the ground. Can someone help me hook up the engine coolant fan like it was stock without ac but using new wiring? I am pretty good with wiring and reading diagrams. I just cant figure how it is wired in. I have a new relay tried changing ect sensor more than once. Coolant has no leaks I just want to fix this issue once and for good. Im thinking the 20plus year old wiring is failing me. Please help me


Sure it can. Ages just like anything else.
lol GENERALLY speaking unless like crazy up north or something or like rats etc or somebody does some shady modifications than the wiring just doesnt go bad or get brittle, ive seen many a cars all the way into the 1950s with all original wiring completely fine , now might run into issues if trying to remove the harness etc but no sir wiring just doesnt "go bad" , again as far as fan wiring there is ONLY the short section of wiring for it, the relay, temp sensor, and fan, never in my life of 68 cars have ever had "wiring go bad", but cool, again from how this car is described its somebodys swap project that is unclear what was done/changed/modified


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the wiring is there but is fan is hooked to a switch to run. It was working before i remove all of the air conditioning and went to a half rad. It has a new theromostat as well as ect and i tryed switching out relays as well. pretty much every thing i could find on the forums but still have to have it hooked to switch..
So can anyone help me rewire this circuit so the fan works went it was meant to be please?