How to tell on ECU what OBD that it is.


wrong. You cannot tell if it's obd1 or obd 2 by how many plug receptacles it has. I currently am running a JDM obd1 p13 ecu in my accord and it has 4 plug receptacles. Can't help you w/ the obd0 though.


i have a PR4 that is two plugs and on that is 3 plugs

it says in the reference section that a PR4 is either OBD0 or OBD1


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I was TRYING to tell this dude that if his PR4 was OBD I it would have three plugs, sorta like this:

but i wouldn't know anything about that would I? considering this ECU is sitting on my dresser


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I love the back and forth I think this I think that. Then one simple link solves it all. The power the the internet!


yeah good post pissedoffsol. I didn't mean for you to take it personally slammedlude, my appologies. I ran into this same question awhile back and didn't want him to have the same problems.


Originally posted by 95hatchcx@Apr 1 2004, 10:23 PM
The reason i am asking is because i received an OBD1 B18ls
they sent me a pr4, that won't work will it?

Honda made 3 OBD1 LS ecu's all of which have the same programming:

PR4 (which was also the same part number used for OBD-0 LS ecu's too)

Just look at the ecu plugs (as seen in E_SolSi's image) to distinguish an ecu's OBD type.