How to win 1st

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I got first place again check out these time slips, versus my dialins

yea thats extremely consistent. you using an automatic? lol

good job. what track you go to? whats the rest of the competition like there? mostly imports? or domestics?

nice job braking on the guy in the second slip, lol.
We have a sport compact class. these three slips were against a saturn, 02 civic EX, and Focus ZX5 respectively. Mostly domestics,
the top six for the season are
this night 14 cars were in the class that is about average. nothing really grand is in this class, fastest car is a 97 turbo prelude that runs high 12s. i race in the friday night street racing class.

I drive a manual, i just manage to find a consistant way to run.
My tranny is going(grinds into 2nd, 3rd, and 4th), I could use a new clutch, and i have horrible/heavy 14" steelies with poor racing tires(good street tires though).
I spin my tires the first 60' because i get excited and bury my foot in the pedal hence the 2.6 sec
yea driving consistent isnt THAT hard. ive been as clost as like 2 thousandths off my dial. really if you strategize, its not to difficult to win. this is apparent in your second timeslip. i bet you flew past the guy, and braked on him right before the finish line for fear of running out. and it looks like you would have. so good job :)

its not too difficult for me to win when i race. mostly cause im always going up against muscle cars. they have no top end, so while i may have the same e/t, my mph will be way higher then theirs. this makes them think im gonna run out, so they let off, just to be sure they dont runout and give me the race :)

bracket racing is all strategy and consistency.
lol, they had a "street racing under the lights" yesterday at my local Drag strip. I hadn't been to a drag strip in like a year and a half. It was just starting to sprinkle (they shut the track down like 5 minutes after I ran) and I ended up red lighting by .03 seconds, couldn't hook up worth shit and actually let off the gas to regain traction. Ended up with a 2.7 60ft time and ran a 15.3 lol. I need to make it to the track for one good test and tune.
wtf you don't win if you beat the person to badly? we just have test and tune here at my dragstrip...I want to enter a bracket type when I get my boosted D next summer..but what the hell? lol Ive never heard of that
Bracket racing is. . .
make a couple runs and see how fast you are going down the track.
say your times look like this
E/T 15.035 15.015 15.007

Then competition Starts
Each person writes the time they think that they'll make it down the track
You write 15.0
your goal is to make it down the track as close to this time as possible, or at least closer than the guy in the other lane will run to his time, say they dialed 16.5.

he leave the line first, 1.5 seconds later you leave. if you both make perfect runs you will cross the line at the same time, then it will come down to who had the better reaction time. deal with that later.

you run 15.074 the other guy runs 16.600 you were closer so you won.
the other way you can win is, say you got the same time and the other guy got 16.450 he went "too fast" and "broke out" there fore losing.

Usually it is your best bet to be about 5 feet infront of the other guy at the finish line to make sure;
1. you don't break out
2. you get closer to your time than he does his.

To make it easier to catch someone it is nice to go as fast as possible off the line aka have a good reaction time. the timer doen't start until you leave the line and when you may win by only a few hundreds of a second sitting at the line for a tenth of a second seems like an eternity.
Your margin of victory is determined by the difference in RTs and the time between when you crossed the line.
just to clear some things up. just because of wording.

you can be closer to your time and still lose if you dont cross the finish line first. which is where r/t comes into play.

say you have 2 identical cars (for the same of making a point) they both run 15.0. they both dial 15.0, one guy gets a .500 light, the other gets a .600. if they both hit thier dial dead on, the guy with the .500 r/t will win cause he left first while the other guy was twittling his thumbs at the light.

yes you can lose by winning by too much. which usually means you are running faster then your dial-in time. thats why when you ar going down the track you want to pay attention to the other guy and see what hes doing. if you are way ahead, you better let off or hit the brakes before the finish line to tighten the gap. but dont slow down enough to where he passes you and takes the win.