How to wire a knock sensor?


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Okay first off i want to thank everyone that replied to my previous posts on this swap. Thanks to you guys, i finally got the car running code free.

My only question left is, how exactly are you supposed to wire the knock sensor. On the b16 motor the knock sensor had a cap over the knock sensor like it wasn't being used or maybe fore protection.
SO when it came to running the knock sensor to the pr3 ecu, i got confused. I noticed that on the sensor there are two pins that come out, so i used a connector that had two wires coming out. Now only one wire is supposed to go to the ecu.

I shorted both of the wires from the sensor togethor and just ran that to the ecu. There are no codes but i just want to double check everything is right.

During the test drive it really picks up around 5k, so i believe the vtec is kicking in right.

D See 2

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the sensor only has one pin on the inside, but uses a two pin connector. I and a couple of my friends did the same thing. just splice the two wires together and off of that run one wire to the ecu. that works just fine.


one wire is a ground wire and the other goes directly to th ecu...
well there should be a connector so you can remove the engine easily