How to wire the horn for a Non-SRS steering wheel


A few weeks ago I put a JDM DB6 Integra non-SRS steering wheel into my 92 CX. Since the Civic had a driver airbag, and the horn is wired up through the SRS loom. With the JDM steering wheel, you completely remove the SRS loom, and you have to find another way of making your horn work.


You're gonna need a couplea tools to do this:

Clockwise from top-right: wire cutters, 19mm socket/extension, phillips screwdriver, 10mm socket/extension, wire, homemade really short phillips screwdriver, 91 Civic Shoe Horn (more on this later), marker, electrical tape, a small screw (not pictured), and Kiwi-flavored MD2020(optional).

The most important part here is Honda part number 35259-SH3-A02, what Honda calls a Shoe Horn, from a 91 Civic. It's a $12 piece of brass.

First thing to do is take off the steering wheel (assuming you've already installed the steering wheel and driven around for a week or so with no horn). Start by removing the plastic cover on the steering column. There's 3 screws on the bottom, then you just have to muscle it off. Then remove the center section via the 3 screws on the back of the horn (this is where the homemade really really short screwdriver comes in handy). Remove the lower trimpiece from below the steering column, and take off the metal thingie that's under the steering column.

I'm not sure what it does, but it sure does get in the way. There's 2 10mm bolts waaay up in there where I indicated in the pic.

Now remove the 19mm nut that's holding on the steering wheel. Before you pull off the wheel, use the marker to make 4 marks so you can tell where the steering wheel lines up.

Remove the combination switch assembly (blinker, headlights, wipers, etc) by taking off the 3 screws. Flip it upside down, and you'll see a brass connector:

This is where you're gonna stick the shoe horn.

Just pop it on there, then use the small screw to attach it on the front of the combination switch assembly.

There's a plug on the back of the CSA, this is where you SHOULD hook up the wire for the horn. Get a connector from Lowe's or somewhere like that and connect it to the top-right spot on the connector. It's the only brass contact on there.

The easier way to do it is just stick the wire where the shoe horn slips onto the contact under the CSA. It should hold, there isn't any tension on the wire or anything.

Now move to the bottom of the steering column. You'll see the yellow SRS plug.

Bust it off, and then break the connector apart. There's a couplea little tabs on either side of the cover that you can take off that will let you access the actual connector. You're going for the far-left wire, when looking at the connector with the disconnect tab up.

Connect the other end of the wire that you connected to the shoe horn contact to this, and then tape the wire and whats left of the SRS harness to the combination switch harness.

Now stick the steering wheel on and make sure the shoe horn is contacting the metal ring on the back of the steering wheel.

As you can see, it was pretty far off, so I just bent it over and test-fitted the wheel until it made contact.

Reinstall everything opposite of how you took it all off, and make sure your steering wheel is lined up. It's a good idea to go to a parking lot or something and make 100% sure it's still lined up right. Make sure and tighten down the 19mm nut, because you definitely do NOT want your steering wheel coming off as you're driving down the road.

Finished product:

Not that you can hear it honk or anything...but it does.

And a happy, and now semi-drunk and horny (Get it? It's a pun!) me!