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After viewing many discussions contained within the forums of this site, I thought that another crazy ricer might provide a few humorous prospectives for the enjoyment of most everyone participating within a certain thread. I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the humor expressed by many of the members toward each other and the subjects or issues unrelated to the forum issue. It seems that most of these forums are now closed. Fun to read anyway. I lmao on severeal occasions.

It should also be noted that even though some may not consider me to be one of the most perceptive car enthusianst around, I will personally assure everyone that I will not commit the felonious crime of sending a personal message to any moderator that even remotely pertains to a technical issue. Apparently, this issue must must have been and/or continues to be a nuicense and a time delay for the moderators.

Anyway, best regards to all existing members and participants of this web site. Finally, and most importantly, even there are very few local regulations against drinking and driving (with the exception of open container laws), virtually every state has enacted DUI laws that make it illegal to drive or be in the physical possession of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol based on driving conduct exhibiting poor driving conduct, ie. weaving between lanes, speeding, hitting curbs, driving into other structures, etc. Also note that a second DUI ticket is automatically issued for driving a vehicle while having a BAC (blood alcohol content) at a level of .08% or higher.

All of us need to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of our passangers and everyone else in the other vehicles on the roadways. Remember the importance of staying healthy, sober and driving safely, even if your forced injection engine with all the racing components needed to teach another owner of an ultimate driving machine or a US made V8 muscle car a little respect is avoided and everyone continued to maintain the local speeding limits and laws. Winning races is fun but it is not worth causing injuries or deaths. Best to take our racing machines to the race track instead.

At least that is my opinion. Even though my sc s2k with almost twice the stock horsepower and torque could probably win against the majority of more expensive stock European and US sports and muscle cars, discretion is more important than valour and reduces the creation of very dangerous situations.

Happy Holidays All.



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Excellent first post, and welcome to HondaSwap! I agree with just about everything you said. :)

Got any pictures and dyno graphs of your supercharged S2000? I'm looking to turbo my AP1 as soon as it's paid off.

Oh, by the way- I closed out your double post.


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And just to defend our position. most of us have the "do not pm me..." in our sigs so that the questions being asked can be searched for once it has been answered. Also, we dont know EVERYTHING (god knows we try), so if you make a post, youll get more input.


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After viewing many "newb" posts and reading what even the most literate of the literati have to say about the culture and composure of the Honda Swapping crew, I must say Greetings and Salutations - Welcome to Hondaswap.

Your intellect comes through on your posts. You'll find that the moderators and admins of this forum are very receptive your IMs - But realise that in the past 7 years of Hondaswap, many of these admins and moderators have been inundated with messages placing forth questions that would not benefit the community were they to be answered in private. Thus, their "Do not PM moderators with technical questions" requests shouldn't be perceived as a snooty lifting of the nose, but far more a tip of the hat to why we are all here.

Being that this forum is an open and free cross-section of people from around the globe, you must be prepared to view the occasional post that mirrors what we see in real life. People do get drunk and get behind the wheel. Most of the people here are alcohol affecionados, but do not confuse that for any purpensity to get behind the wheel.

As well, your views on performance cars competing in the streets is also something that may never go away, but alternately is something that affects all - Especially me. When comparing the deaths in amateur street racing (In desolated rows and boulevards, as has been the case with most of those here) the accident or death likeliness is the same as it is during sanctioned NASCAR, Autocross, or Drag events. Taking the step to the parallel lines, You may also argue that there is no need, at all, for any car to be able to exceed the speedlimit. In which case Jimmy Carter would like to buy you a drink.

In conclusion, From the last paragraph in your article, bookending the surely intentional tag "sk2k owner" beginning, I can see that you may have issues of envy and a penchant for picking fights with big dogs. Don't let the V8 guys get you down when they kick sand in your face - Everyone has respect issues with everyone else. Just as they call us "rice rockets" or what have you, our taunts of mulletine and wife-beater comments do the same right back. Chin up !

Merry Christmas, and welcome aboard !

-> Steve ( :smartass: )