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hi y'all!! whats new? its been a long time since ive posted anything on here! lol. anyways, im back again to keep it white trash up in!! soo i guess you all may have wondered where ive been?? heres a list:

-worked 2 jobs for about 6 months. i got tired of working all day everyday, so i quit one. i was working part time at Krogers and full time at my other job. i quit Krogers. i liked the people i worked with, but i was tired of being tired all the time and not being able to spend time with my daughter.

-put my daughter in pre-school. she loves it and apparently is the class clown/trouble she has a friend thats her co-hort. oh and she has a boyfriend too....ugg!! lol

-bought another bagged truck. bought an extended cab Ford Ranger with the 2.3L 4-cylinder. its slow as hell. the person that did the bag and wiring job did it half assed and so EVERYTHING is going to have to be re-done on it. ive done alot of head scratching trying to figure out why the hell they did some of the things they have done to it. conclusion: they were idiots who had no clue what the hell they were doing...

-my gf bought a damn chihuahua. his name is Nacho. hes annoying as hell...

-became an uncle again. i have a new nephew thats about a week old as i type this. hes an awesome little dude and im going to get him into cars :)

uhh thats about it i think. with that...i say HI! lol


My name is Byron.
Welcome back and what not mang. Post up some pics of this new whip, I alwahs enjoy a good hack job hahah.


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I've been doing the two jobs thing for a little over 2 years. 1 at autozone part time and 1 as a robotics tech at a plastics plant. Making twice the money I make at autozone. I've worked anywhere from 50-90 hours a week most weeks for the last 2 years. It wears a man down. Glad you're spending time with your family instead.


The trailer park has been repp'ed while you've been gone. Just look for cars with no hoods as a mod.


Glad the family dealio is doing good mang


Thank you for your business.
Hai! Can't believe she's already old enough for preschool.

On a side note, I miss parking your cars sideways in the driveway.


thanks for the welcome back everyone. heres a pic of my new truck named Norma Jean with my daughter in the passenger seat:
we were getting ready to go to a car show for autism. it was cold and rainy but it was a fun time and for a good cause.

here is also one of the things that was not done right on the truck:
yeah...thats duct tape holding the wires on. there was alot of electrical tape wrapped around them. the switch failed and i replaced it and did the connections the right way. now to do the rest of the

James...yeah i miss it up there as i frickin hate it here with a passion!