I am officialy a home owner


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Well, I signed my life away today, and the best part is, I already have $35,000 of equity in the property and my closing costs were $0. so I walked into a house and didn't have to put a singal dollar out of my own pocket down

There will be a nice party going on here on June 5th , house warming, keg, Birthday, summer etc...

12pm till 12 am (most likely later)

it's nice to actually own this place now.


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whats the address? does it have a garage?

do you have a sister? and last but not least



very nice man,

so it feels nice to own a place huh?
i'm in the house market myself
any pointers for me?
and your stomach must have dropped like a rock when you signed those papers <_<

EDIT: oh, and whats up with your sister :D


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congrats..im about to close on my first house in 2 weeks. no garage though =/ but that just means i can addon the one that i want [email protected]
its on an acre so plenty of places to hide potential project cars :D


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yeah i just bought one too. its 3 bed 2 bath and 2 car garage. its brand new...ahhhhh. fuck i have never owned a new car. but man a new house is great. i would say thats the way to go. we have 30 gs of equity already. i cant stop getting those friggin equity loan things in the mail. fuck that. but, owning a house is great. i rented for 5 years before this. good luck with yours