i bought a v dub

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I paid 1200 for her, its a 91 gl

1.8v Digifant 8v
5spd manual transmission, clsoe ratio with 16v pressure plate and back up light
Momo Shift Knob
ABD short shift kit
Weighted Shift Rod
Vibratechnics Aluminum front motor mount
Brospeed header :thumbup:
Supertrap Exhaust (needs to go)
K&N Filter
HOR Tech Street Cam
Rear Disc Converstion with '92 calipers
recent pads and rotors on all four corners
rear wheel bearings
KYB GR2 in October '04
NEW waterpump and radiator in Jan '05
7" Single headlight/ grille conversion B)
No radio- VDO oil temp and coolant temp in place
B-pillar seatbelt conversion
Simpson 4 pt harness included
Big front and rear swaybars, NEUSPEED =)
I will take more pics when i recharge my camera.

here is the inside

more pics later

rip away
I'm jealous, my 1990 Jetta GLI cost more, its stock and it doesnt look nearly as nice. But I get to have a 16v 2.0L CIS-E Motronic engine...(whoopie).
Man, that brings me back...except mine was an 89 GTI 16V (square headlights) with a 2.0L 16V passat enigine swap. Fast car but it hit a curb going sideways at about 40 in the winter, and bent in the front and rear axels....that was the end of her....sold her for $1500.

Sweet though.....I'd love to drive an old golf again :)