i broke my car, i think..

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Recently it was raining in Baton rouge, LA. I was driving my car and ran into a large puddle of water. After that my engine cuts off. My instinct told me to start the thing back up and get the hell out of there. When driving home i could barely feel any power from my engine, not even vtec..

The next day i go in for surgery, but first thing was first. I tried to clean up the spark plugs with a rag. It was drenched with water. Now my engine is strong, but when i turn on my AC the engine bogs down to 500 rpms and starts shaking. OMG i hate this thing, i need help really bad to fix this problem.


Well, hte filter would be soaked, but I was talking about the engine sucking in some water.
if you sucked in water it tends to hyrdo lock the motor...

the pistons compress the air in the cylinder, but it cannot go up all the way if there is water in the chamber...

leads to bad bad things...
well that dont sound good, what can i do to fix? Thanks for making me worry about my new motor =)
if its hydrolocked the motor would sieze and you wouldnt even be able to turn it over. doesnt sound like that to me.

you said your motor still runs strong its just when you turn on your ac it bogs down to 500 rpms.

although i have no idea why it would do that, its not because your hydrolocked.


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check to see if the front or rear of your block looks like this:


90% of the time, hydrolocked motors shoot #3 or #4 right through the block casting.
I drove through a big ass puddle once in festiva. All these people were driving around it and I was like, "Forget those pussies I'll go through it" SO I hit the puddle and water shoots up through the shifter boot and the car stalls. I opened the door and water came into the car and blew my amp. I pushed it out of the puddle with my passengers help and we spent an hour trying to pop start it bu t it just wouldn't start. So the next day my friend gets his old impala out and pushes me up this big ass hill. He said while he was pushing me a ton of water came out of my tail-pipe for like 200yds. Then it started and I drove it for like another 6 mos and sold it.

So, perhaps there is water in the engine/exhaust?? Just an idea. Maybe have someone with an impala push ya up a hill for a while. Hahaha. Just an idea. :p
would changing my oil make a difference? what about my spark plug wires? what about the fuel filter?
Originally posted by dav0ee@Jun 16 2005, 05:10 PM
lol let me go buy a impala and try that, can you put some arrows on the motor, i dont know what im suppose to look at
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youre supposed to be looking at the huge fucking hole in the side of te block on cylinder #3, lol.
i drove an 89 ford thunderbird through a "lake" during the hurricanes 2 years ago. I swear in baltimore we have some horrible roads and when i drove threw the huge puddle it stalled. Then I tried to start it and it bogged and cranked right up. That thing was a tank and i would have sold it but i hit a dip oneday and cracked the oil pan and it leaked out without me knowing :( So hopefully you will be lucky like i was in that situation. :)
The AC problem is seperate from your actual motor. Every car with AC has some sort of system (whether it be electrical or mechanical) that bumps up the idle RPM's when you activate the air conditioning, for the obvious reason that AC puts a heavy load on your engine, especially at idle. Apparently this is not activating on your car. You didn't say what your driving in, so I dont have a clue what to tell you to look for, but check out a service manual for your car and you should be able to figure it out.
Find the shop manual to the car who's motor now resides in yours. It should tell you how to adjust/fix/etc the AC idle control.

Side question, has it always idled rough with the AC on, or just recently?