I hate maryland... Moving to PA now :)

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That is why i am moving :) September 16th i will be a resident of Windsor Pa. In the middle of nowhere with no civiliaztion. But for 250,000 dollars for a 5 bedroom 3 1/2 bath house it is worth it.

Back to topic... In baltimore i pay 1288 dollars every 6 months for being a 20 yr old driver of a 95 civic with one total due to hydroplanning. And that is for liability... Now in 3 weeks i will be paying 901 for full coverage with full tort :) I am excited not to pay over 200 a month for liability. And when i turn 21 in less than 3 months i will hopefully be around 800 ish. But i thought id post my accomplishment. And i figured id ask how much was your drop when you turned 21? Just as an estimate...
thats cool i cannot wait to move. anyone close to south Pa up in hurr? i know... 0 people:) And how is the registration in Pa if anyone knows. I know i have an inspection and emissions every year but how hard are they on motors?
Im in Williamsport, PA right now, which is like 2.5 hours north of you. I think Corie (slammed90lude) is from that neck of the woods though, he goes to Villanova. And I don't think the emissions test is that hard, I keep my teg registered in WI so I don't have to deal with that. Good luck on making friends, I'm new to this shitty town and don't know a soul either.
I got accepted to York College but i am not going this semester. Financial issues with my loans. Also one scholarship dropped me. So i am hanging out till the springtime. I live in a tight development with no backyard or sideyard. But i have a 2 car garage that me and my dad will paint the hatch in and i finally have space to do my work on it that has lights and heat :) Also it is 45 minutes from home... in Towson Maryland.
you're gonna be a little over an hour down 30. If you need a friend, get on 30E and take the thorndale exit. Then call me and we'll go party at nova y0
PA is a wonderful state. I love it near gettysburg where we have a cabin. As far as living there..... NO THANKS!

I could move to PA and buy a house for dirt cheap, same for central/southern VA or WVA. Cost of living in all around much better. However your take home pay..... no thanks.

I know to many people making 10 bucks an hour that are older then me and have their own wonderful house. I'd rather pay twice as much for a house and make twice as much money at my job.
I have stayed in a couple bed and breakfasts in my tiem and i have to say it seems to be hard work. It consumes you 7 days a week :(
Well, I'll be closing shop. Unfortunately for my uncle and aunt, they have no talent nor markettable skill except making breakfast for people, and selling out rooms.

I'll buy it, and just live there. Invite some friends in when the stock market crashes and we get a depression. I'm from Pennsylvania, this town in fact, and I know all the Amish and they love me. Amish people + Depression = riding high. Shit, to them depression is only what happens when the heifer runs away.