I hate my area

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I am in the detroit area (suburbs, considered 'the nice' area) I have grown up here my entire life (hell even same house for that matter). Its always super busy everywhere, no one is curtious weather it be at the store, on the roads ect. In the past week, I have heard about 2 civics getting stolen, one being one of the cleanest boosted Si's I have ever seen, the other a 5th gen stolen from the THE DRAG STRIP in the EXACT SAME parking lot that I was in. His car was parked like 2 rows up from me.

My parents have to stay here for another 5 years, and then they want to get the hell out of here too. At college, I'm in a total diffrent world being 600 miles north, so only 4 more summers until I can say Fuck you to this place. I hate detroit. End rant.
The "nice area" means shit all. The "nice area" is just where the criminals come to steal shit. I live in a wealthy area of Toronto and theft is terrible.

I hear ya bro...


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bah, eminem then... whatever.

its all a bunch of gangster ass kids who want to be a thug.

its a fucking shame.

"no one ever says i want to be a junkie when i grow up"

no one should say "I is be'in a thug when i's be growed up y0 f0 sh0"

sad... really...
since occupying Iraq in late 2002 more people have died in Detroit and Chicago than Americans in Iraq.