I hate NY!!!!!

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Ok, so not only did we pay $32,000 cash for a brand new Sti, we just paid ANOTHER $2300 to fuckin register the damn thing. You'd think that they would incude the damn tax in the price of the car! Stupid NY, Stupid Monroe County and their 8% sales tax. Stupid DMV :/ But, I got insurance for $500 for 6 months, and I get a new car tomorrow, so I guess its worth it.
a NY dealer didn't collect the sales tax from you??

thats odd... they usually do...

and they usually take care of all the DMV shit for you, ie: registering it and getting you plates and shit...

that dealer fucked you...
Originally posted by civicious@Jun 3 2005, 12:42 PM
Dammit I want a different car. Hondas suck.
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That's why I sold mine. I'm paying out the ass for maintenance, but the Q-bucket is 100x more comfortable/enjoyable/luxurious/etc. than my Honda ever was.
did you get a military or veteran credit or some shit?!?!?!?!

thats retarded-ly cheap

full coverage for 500, my strictly liability is almost 400 for 6 months in the middle of no where NY, with only 1 ticket left on my record...
Your not alone, I can't see myself living in NY state in the next couple of years. See how the state ranks up with others. NY has a giant stick up its ass.
I will be paying 110/month for the Audi. My license has been suspended/revoked 17 times in NJ, I have 2 points, 3 criminal charges, too many moving violations.

In PA I have a few minor violations:

-inspection past due
-driving afterhours {permit year]
-driving without an adult [permit year]
-speeding 33 in a 25 mph school zone [points were removed with special exams test]

no points, 1 criminal charge.

I like newer cars, I was paying more than 500 a month for the Prelude, but my sister was on the policy and she has a rediculous driving record. She had to have been pulled over more than 50 times one year. After I removed her from it, it dropped to like 250 which was acceptable when I was 17 yrs old.
$32,000.... cash ? No, they don't give a shit about your registration and lien fees. They only care if you're financing to take care of that stuff.

Dealer credit, registration, tax and title fees, processing fees and lot fees. It's all you now.

Expect about $2000 or more when it's all done.

-> Steve
In NJ, the car can't leave the lot until proof of insurance and registration. But maybe since it was paid in complete cash they let it go.

If you talked to them more they would have probablyt knocked off another 1k and had you pay for the reg, taxes and titling fees.
Originally posted by SiLude@Jun 3 2005, 02:31 PM
$500 every 6 mos. is not bad for insurance, i pay like $800 or so
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I was 17 and 18 the other years and was paying $650/6 months for comprehensive on a '94 Del Sol S with over 100k on the odo and a PERFECT RECORD ON MY PARENTS PERFECT INSURANCE. :( :( NJ :( :(

Infact I'm 20 now and still paying around the same shit for comprehensive on a 2000 Suzuki Vitara.
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Jun 3 2005, 04:27 PM

Talk about once in a lifetime... with those violations you should be paying da big buxx!
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...which makes me cry because I pay more and have a perfect record, on my parents insurance that has been clean for atleast the last 6 years.
Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Jun 3 2005, 09:56 PM
newer, not brand new cars have their advantages. More safety = cheaper insurance, awd = cheaper insurance.
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I'm figuring if I get the WRX full coverage is going to be around $300 a month.
Originally posted by 92civicb18b1+Jun 3 2005, 10:35 PM-->
In NJ, the car can't leave the lot until proof of insurance and registration. But maybe since it was paid in complete cash they let it go.
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right, cuz if you get a loan you MUST have insurance (full coverage at that) before you drive it a mile. And since he didnt finance with them their rules dont really apply to them.

Dammit I want a different car. Hondas suck.

I need a new car too, i hate mine. to be honest, i want a suv....im sick of loud cars with a stiff ride and being so low... i guess it just has been gettin to me lately.
i feel the same way. Thats why I'm buying a newer more luxurious car and selling everything except the shell from the civic. I'll end up getting rid of the prelude too.