I hate NY

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The Trisexual
Everyday, I park, I go to work, come out to find a scuff, scratch or ding on my car.

Somebody FUCKED my bumper up, it's not destroyed but it's defenitly damaged, it's hard to explain too. I don't even know how they did that shit. I ordered a new digicam so it should be here by next week and I sent my other one back to minolta to be repaired, so I should have pics soon

I guess I have a reason to buy an RS4 bumper...first insurance claim here I come. :(


The Trisexual
yea the shit sucks...

it's not vandalism either. you can tell the dings were from a door, not hit hard either, but leaves a mark.

I think a truck backed into my shit or something, cause the bumper is kinda peeled in that one area.



if i worked in a city, i would own a ygo or a metro.


The Trisexual
I should get a car cover and cover it everytime I leave...but that's asking to get stolen.

Plus I have to wash it every other day. there's usually like 4 bird shit spots at the end of my day. today it was all over the door handle


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Originally posted by dveit@Jun 15 2005, 09:05 PM
The world is punishing you for buying an Audi. :)

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shit the world is punishing him for everything..
You have bad luck.........

DId granny take you back?lol :lol:


its like that kia commercial or whatever it is... the car cover makes the car look like a shit box, and then when he pulls it off, its his nice clean car under it. lol


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Some young guy rear ended my dad's new Rav 4, his pride and joy for whatever reason - he puts his little CAI on and graphics, alarm, remote start, blah blah blah, rain guards, etc and thinks its cool but anyway, and my dad being the nice guy he is didn't report it to his insurance. The kid wanted to pay out of pocket so my dad gave him ample time to do so.

Lowest estimate my dad got was $1580 and ranging upward to $2500 to have it done right from Towne Toyota. I have no idea why, but my father said that he would take $1580 to have it done at a less than great body shop. Kid shows up with 3 $500 Western Union money orders and cries to my dad thats all the money he has so he gets out of $80. My dad just said whatever and took the money.

Making a long story longer, my father was just hit again today why at a client's business in Bergen county. Apparently some people at his clients saw this lady that they deam a "nutjob" back into him in her 00-03 civic and just leave. She scratched the new repaint all to shit and made off. Nice people got every digit except one of her license plate, make, model of the car, and a description of her so my dad could file a police report. I feel bad for him but knowing that some people actually are caring and considerate is reassuring and makes me smile.

Same goes for when I was hit and run while doing about 50mph going to the movies one night. Some soccer dad, yes soccer dad not mom, had his 5-8year old daughter in the car with him when he saw the kid pull into my lane and hit me, then make off. He chased him down even though the kid tried to get away from him, got the plate for me, and came back to check up on me and give me the plate. Even stuck around to be a witness for the cops.

x2 for the "good guys".


I'm just about that action Boss.
I like hearing about good samaritan stories, always reassures me the world isn't completely going to hell.

That seriously sucks about your luck at this moment. Don't get discouraged, just keep on taking care of your shit as you are.


Thank you for your business.
So you hate the city because of stupid people who could care less about your car?

I hate Fort Wayne then. I hate Ingram Book company then. I have 12 door dings all along my driver side from people at work nailing my car with their doors.


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I know how you feel, some dick just swiped my rear driverside 1/4 panel, nothing bad, didn't fuck up teh finish, just paint scuffs from their car, but damn, if you can't fucking park, back out of a parking spot, you shouldn't be allowed to drive, there's just something about the ability to hit an inanimate object that pisses me off.


The Trisexual

i just say I hate NY, cause it always hates NY.

I actually hate the assholes in their rusted 1978 Chevy Caprices with 100 lbs doors that ding my shit.


The Trisexual
I do have that option BUT its an extra $12 a day and an hour and have more if I leave my car at home.

If I just take the train, I'd have to leave my car in Hoboken. :no: