I HATE theives!!!!

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Ok so I had just got my subs in my new box in my trunk..installed it 2 days ago. I didn't want to install them due to the fact I didn't want them stolen becusae I had no alarm. Well I don't turn up the volume around my house and stuff so they don't get stolen right? WRONG. I come walking out of school and my fucking door is unlocked im like FUCK NO!!!!!!..I open my trunk box is gone...they unscrewed the box from my fuckin trunk and took it out. left my amp still on the back of my seat and left my capacitor....thats fucking gay! I hate theives man!
You buy subs without an alarm, your shit gets jacked. Where's the big news? Sorry to sound like a dick but there's no way I would keep anything of real value in my car without an alarm.
Free weight reduction!

See, there is a bright side to everything... ;)

You should have bolted the box to the chassis with carriage bolts, then installed the speakers with security screws. Next time they'll fuck up your stuff, but they won't get away with it. Might as well make it hard on em.

Fuckers... :angry:
Originally posted by Airjockie@Sep 6 2005, 03:44 PM
I bet it was the person that installed it...or his freinds....
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Yeah i bet.

There is this place by my house, that does exactly that. They install your stereo in the back bay at their shop while you hang out in the store area. While they are in there, they make a copy of your key, copy down your registration info, and pay you a visit within the next few nites.

They even were re-selling the merchandise they stole.