I have a carbon hood..

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I had this hood for over 3 months and only used it for 5 days. I had to take it out due to the engine swap. Anyone interested let me know. PeACE
I have a few pictures of the carbon fiber hood (Invader). Just give me some email address if you want to see a pic. My email is Lender4876@yahoooo. I would like to sell it to someone around my zone.. I live in New York City just in case. I'm going to the Sema Show this weekend at NJ. I want to take some extra cash with me.. I'm selling it for $300.. Well hear from you guys soon
what kid of hood?

Is it a "stock" OEM hood or is is some ugly monster thing with some huge vents.

I live in jersey and if it's nice I might want it.

If it's an OEM like hood email me pics. If its any other thing that doesn't look close to stock don't bother.

Its not a stock carbon fiber. If that was the case I would keep it for my car. It has two small vents. I want $300 for it and local pickup. I only used it for less then a week. I have to take it off due to the engine swap. I sent you the pic already.
I'll be by 2pm.. I'll be with only two cars.. Thats your car? My car is in my album.. PeACe B)
it wont be there..im taking the beater..parking is going to be ridicoulous so im going to park at the casino and walk up. its only $4 to park at the casino and it will be alot easier to get out at the end of the day too