I just got a present from the UPS fairy!

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I just got my KYB AGX shocks in the mail today! I've got the ground controls all set up on them, and so tomorrow I'll take some more pics of the install and post em up. Finally, after many trials and tribulations, I will have stiff suspension! :worthy:


Non-blown shocks rock my world :D
Good struts. I got a set and like them.

Make sure not to lower your GC coilovers more than 1.5" though. AGX's don't like crazy drops.

Yeah, so all my lower arm bushings in back are shot, and I just broke a brake hard line (I have no clue how), so now I have to redo my brakes too!!!! GRRRR this is starting to piss me off hardcore. I"ll post some more pics after I fix the brakes, I'm leaving now to go get some hardline and a bender from the auto parts shop :(

*edit: Anyone know the diameter of CRX rear drum hardlines? Can't find it in my manual <_< it only has the disks.
being too agressive fixing your honda > your honda

Good luck with fixing the broken line, pay more attention, breaking something happens, but you should at least know how you did it.
Well, it just randomly started leaking, I'm guessing that I bumped the line just a little and it cracked...they were COMPLETELY rusted out so I'm not all that suprised...just really damn pissed.
Well, heres a little update....I have the left rear shock off, and I've fixed the brakes (it was REALLY easy). Now I've just got to find a way to get rid of those shot bushings and I can put my new shocks on.

BTW - if anyone has any GC Sleeves for AGX's that they want to get rid of, let me know, mine are for Illuminas and so they're a little short. Not really bad, but I'm going to have to lower the back about 1" (which is more than I wanted).

Now for pics:
old and rusted:

ahhhh, much better:

I REALLY need to install those new bushings....
So I finally got everything working out! The new shocks are on, and theres a new little suprise!

The CRX in all her glory! -


What are these? -

Thats right, Falken Azenis RT-615 -