I Just Mailed My Last Car Payment!

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I finally paid off my damn civic, three years of $276 a month working a crappy job was killing me. Now I got a much better job and no more car payments, nothing could feel better. Now the part buying begins though I have about $2500 in body work to do to get my car fixed :(


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Congrats. So what are going to be your first mods??? are your going NA or forced??? u should lan now before u buy anything. what eyar is it and style?


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97 civic DX, I already did a b18b swap last october pics are in my gallery. I just bought rear discs and koni yellows, I need to pick out some springs. Next on my list is probably this

Then the other sway/strut bars which I'll probably order this week. After that I have to save for about a month because I need both bumpers, front fenders, and some various other paint and body work. Since I have to replace most of the front end I'm probably just going to convert it to the 99-00 front (its about the same price) Then comes turbo. Its a lot of money but I'm shooting to be done by the end of summer.


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Congrats. If a had to make car payments, I'd probably be hookin up a bicycle instead.
Check our H&R springs.
H&R Springs + Koni Yellow = damn good setup.


You are lucky that your payments are done. I can't wait to pay my truck off in 4.5 years, hopefully I will pay it off early, because writing that check every month sucks. After I pay it off and if I have no kids, or any other big expenses I am getting an M3.