I made my dive into vinyl tonight

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We were sitting outside after dinner tonight when the kids came roaring downstairs and told us the power was out. So instead of sitting there doing nothing, I thought it would be a good idea to get them out and about with a trip to the store and then to the park. As we were walking through the back part of walmart, I discovered that they carried vinyl still. Never noticed it until tonight.

So I decided to dive in. I bought myself Pearl Jam, Ten. I've now owned this album on vinyl, tape, cd, and digitally. haha

Finally hooked up the record player my dad gave me when he moved to Florida in 2016, I didn't know if it would work but after a few minutes it started spinning and worked flawlessly. Now that I know it still works, I am thinking about getting the girlfriend Taylor Swift 1989 on vinyl for her birthday next month. Along with expanding a little into some older rock like Def Leppard, Queen, Black Sabbath, Beatles, etc.

Anybody into vinyl for collecting and/or playing?


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I have a small collection that I started a few years back, have two nice turntables but currently no speakers or amp.

But, I have an original pressing of the Beatle's White Album with the typos among other vintage pieces that I have found through the years. If you are looking for a place to find albums at really good prices then you need to hit up goodwill's online auctions.
nice... for a moment i thought you had a cricut machine. :)
I still have my Technics 1200's in my rafters above my garage with a few crates of 90's hip hop. :p. I've been tempted to bring it down and fire it up. Haven't touched them for like 15 years.
I had Ten on cassette back when it first came out. Good album! How about getting some Iron Maiden?