I need a p30 chip.

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As the title says, i want to get away from this 'custom' LSVtec chip i have, and find someone who has a p30 chip.
Nothing special, just a regular untuned p30 atmel.
Ill pay $20 shipped for it.


Staff member
any particular software? crome/uber/hondata/

i can burn you one in uber, drome, or hondata (if you have the box and all)
i dont know much about this burning chips yet, i was going to buy the shit from moates and start on it, but i have other things to pay with my money first.
I have no clue to the question you askx0red me?
If it will work, ill take one ...? :)
preferrably normal p30 chip, with 5500 VTEC and 8300 RL.
well it's a bit of a problem... uberdata sucks and i wouldn't wanna run my engine even off of their stock b16 maps. crome is the shit, but nobody can legally sell you a chip with a crome program on it. hondata would also work... but yeah, you'd have to have the box.