I need a slayer clyinder?

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ahh.. i just bought one today.. lol.. got mine for 35.. i was driving.. and stopped at a light.. and the next thing i know.. my clutch pedal sinks to the floor.. and im just stuck at a light in traffic.. lol.. it was terrible.. still got home though.. just turned to motor off.. popped it into 2nd.. and cranked the motor.. then off i go in 2nd gear all the way home.. lol.. but now its all fixed with a new one.. feels nice..
Does it matter what type of engine. If not Sihatchback do you have one you want to sell for $25? Let me know I'll send you the money today after work by express mail. ;)
Thanks. How about $30 and i'll send you the payment today after work? By express mail. Let me know..
Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Jun 3 2005, 09:15 AM
wait...where do you live in NYC.

You could probably come pick it up.
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Yup Queens, New York. B)
its up to you then....I can ship it or I can meet ya somewhere tomorrow or something.

I'll be at my dads house in Springfield Gardens most of the day tomorrow.