I need a truck....

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Kinda looks like mine - same year and everything. Except mine's white. With a blue fender. And slotted mags. :p

Looks pretty clean though - I wish my interior was in that good of shape.
Originally posted by Airjockie@May 21 2005, 02:45 PM
actually...its a 1974....

only that year for 260Z's....

he just prolly made a typo... :lol:
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Didn't the ad say it was a 280 with carbs off a 260?


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Originally posted by Celerity+May 22 2005, 04:05 PM-->
@May 21 2005, 04:05 PM
But I keep looking at this...and wondering if I could somehow afford it...too

I hate when people tease me....
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Perhaps you've forgotten.. but don't you already have one of these ?!

-> Steve
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It needs a twin..... :)

but seriously...

I need a truck, something with a 8X4 bed, crew/extended cab, 4X4, auto or stick....little rust, drivable, and can get about another 15,000 miles out of it.....for around about 500-1500 bucks... :)


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it needs to haul 20 sheets of drywall, or 10 bags of cement...and not fall apart.... :unsure: and also haul junk to the dump once in a while...

the jeep did 6 bags of cement...... :ph34r:
i have a truck that meets all but one of your needs, it isnt 4x4.
1992 Dakota V6 ,Auto, Ext. cab, full size bed. i cant remember the miles off the top of my head but i know its at least 130,xxx.

has a lot of new frt susp parts, new brakes in the rear.
maybe the front too, cant remember


You do need it for a boat.

Buy that Sierra. If I had the cash I would buy it right now. For some odd reason the 73-87 Chevy/GMC are my favorite generation for Chevy trucks. Yes for some reason I like them better than my almost 40k 2005. I do like the luxury and drivetrain better on the 05, but for a truck I can really use without worring about it and being able to mod it the 73-87 ownz.
fuck a 4x4. get a 2wd then bag it and rail (thats throwing sparks to you non-minitruckers out there) the shit out of it. but thats just me.... oh i know a guy that has an 88 Ford Ranger GT for sale for $700 (i believe). it needs a new motor. if you are interested, lemme know and i will get you his contact info for you.