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it's college time and i have to choose a career to go into... i'm thinking about mechanics but i don't want to be just an oil changing mechanic.

What are the certifications called that i can take to rise up above the normal mechanic so i can be different?

what else can i do to ensure myself a place in the workshop during college if i go in it?

any help would be much appreciated
Normal certification is ASE. Check out the technical college called UTI. They sound like they have a good program. They are sponsored by Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, Jag, Mercedes (I think) and a few others who specialize in training of their specific company so you can get placed in one of their dealerships. That's what I would do if I wasn't so far into the Cisco Networking classes.
ASE's are a test, and 2 years of work experience to get it. just taking it, means nothing without the work hours put in.
i live in canada, i'm not sure if they have any UTI here.

where's UTI

there is an apprenticeship program in a college close by, but i'm not sure how good that is
UTI stands for Universal Technical Institute

they have a big school here in Arizona.

i've been contemplating beciming a tech, but i don't think i can work on cars for 8 hours a day for 40+ years.
well the apprenticeship program is a 4 year course, does anyone know if there's a website on more information about it?

I'll prolly be doing sideline jobs to keep a balance because besides cars, there's not much else. But i'm 17, what do i know, i'm still naive.

What are your occupations? What are your interests?