I need honest help with my setup


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Ok, I have a 99 b18c5 block. With this block I recieved GSR pistons and rods. My original plan was to sleeve the block, get low-comp forged pistons & rods, and completly build the bottom end for boost. I will be running a stock B16a1 head for now with a 90 LS tranny(hopefully with LSD). This will all be in an 89 HF CRX.

Now I;m wondering if it would be possible to get good power(mid 200hp range) for a daily driver with this setup. I no longer will have sufficient funds for the above setup so here is the new one. Please educate me where I'm stupid.

Setup: 99 ITR block, some good blockgaurd, GSR pistons & rods(shotpeened), B16a1 head(stock for now), low compression head gasket, LS tranny(hopefully with LSD). I am also redoing all stupid neccesitys like waterpump, oil pump(should I get performance pump?), timing belt, all bearings, ect. Then I planned on running Hondata of some sort with a walbro intank fuel pump(not sure what size) with good injectors(also not sure what size) and a good turbo setup(I have no clue what would be best for what I want).

If you feel like helping me out by letting me know the info and filling in the blanks, then mabey, I could take the little money that I have and start to purchase some of the neccessary goodies to get the micro-machine back in action.
screw the block guard. you're better off without it.
walbro 255lph hp pump. make sure you get it for the crx, cuz the eg/dc ones are slightly different and will require some modding to fit/work.
injectors need to be sized to your particular application.
i'd also get a gm 3-bar map sensor, that way you aren't held back by boost limit of 9.4 psi or 10.65 if you go to obd1.

but all of it really comes down to your budget. I can't recommend parts for you without knowing that.


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I was hoping to spend like $1500 before turbo? If this is impossible, I could probably go up to $2000-2200. But thats stretching it, because I have plenty of other moneysucking binds that I'm in right now.

Will the GSR pistons and rods be able to push like 10lbs of boost on? :unsure:

And if you could explain the no blockgaurd thing, because I'm confused. Everyone I've talked to outside of HS has been like, "You will most definetly want to do a blockgaurd if your going to boost, otherwise bad things will happen?" So now I'm all mixed up.


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getting the aftermarket oil pump is fine, but you dont really need a new water pump unless the one you have is broken or something. the itr block already has a head similar to the b16's, so you dont have to get that. the blockguard blocks some of the coolant path, so that creats some hot spots in the cylinder, which is bad. the gsr pistons should be able to handle 10lbs as long as you have the fuel tuned right(not running hot, or lean), but i would advise you get new rods or have the old ones strengthened; shotpeened.